Warm up Your Winter at Indian Accent

Consistently named within the top 100 restaurants in the world by a variety of critics, expect a world-class evening at the restaurant Indian Accent in New York, New York. The gold pillars and the “red carpet” layout indicate a posh atmosphere, which is enhanced by a cordial staff.

People often report their taste aversion for blue cheese, and it’s difficult to blame them when this cheese carries a distinct smell. However, if you’re ready for your faith to be restored, this hot and creamy blue cheese filled naan bread may just do the trick. An intricately spiced pumpkin soup served alongside the naan bread will warm your throat and chest.

The blue cheese naan having piqued your interest, a hearty soy keema with a quail egg and a lime leaf butter pao is introduced. Fresh, soft, minced, and healthy, the soy keema gives a meat-based keema a run for its money.

It ought to be considered a federal crime to visit Indian Accent and not try the butter chicken kulcha. The dish boasts a microcosm of an Indian meal with rich, flavorful chicken nestled within fluffy naan bread.

The wizard behind the spellbinding food is Chef Manish Mehrotra. For a man who spent nine years traveling across Asia to master different methods of cooking, it’s safe to say that you’ll be in well-practiced hands.

Indian Accent showcases locations in New York, New Delhi, and London. The New York location awaits at 123 West 56th Street, New York, NY. Three course meals start at 75 dollars.

By Kishan Patel


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