Victor’s Secret Mengerié For Him?

Scoot over Victoria! Your brother ‘s in town. Victor is letting you in on his secret:

Lingerie for men is a real thing. And it’s sexy.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

This is the day and age where we break barriers, gender roles and every other rule your grandmother made you listen to.

Menagerie, lingerie just for men, has sparked curiosity among male shoppers since it began popping up on social media. In fact, it’s kinda a huge thing on instagram.

Created to revolutionize how men feel about their intimate apparel needs, Menagerié intends to change the way men think about their underwear and how they can look in them by providing a unique collection of lingerie exclusively for men.

What this line goes to show is that straight men are slowly getting attention across various different spheres within the fashion world that were once reserved solely for women, from male body positivity and celebrity collaborations to now even waist trainers for men. Victor’s secret is available online, and you may be surprised to hear that more than half of the orders are placed by women. That goes to show women are really into it and want to see their men suiting up these babies; or possibly they may be gifting their gay friends so they can spice things up for them. Either way, it’s the new big thing and we are loving it.


-Karen Bahri


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