The Top Ten Best Dressed Female Celebrities of the...

The Top Ten Best Dressed Female Celebrities of the Week

March Madness certainly refers to the NCAA Men’s Division Basketball Tournament, but for us, we’re going mad for another top ten best dressed female celebrities of the week.  That’s right, this month has been quite a trendsetting one, and we’re sure to see even more gorgeous gowns and casual frocks as the month of March progresses.

So here they are, the top ten best dressed female celebrities of the week!


Number Ten: Analeigh Tipton

Tipton attended the Beverly Hill’s screening of Good Deed Entertainment’s All Nighter.  For the event, she has chosen to wear a floor length black dress, decorated with tiny white polka-dots.  The sleeves of the dress are short and look to be made out of a sheer material, slightly showing her shoulders, and the neckline of the gown boasts a deep and plunging v-shaped cut that extends all the way down to her waist.  A long slit can also be seen on one side of the gown, and on her feet are black high heels.  It’s a cute and fun outfit on Tipton, and we’re going nuts for the polka-dots.


Number Nine: Mandy Moore

Moore was seen at the premiere of NBC’s This is Us finale, wearing a bright red off the shoulder Hi-Lo dress.  One part of the hem stopped just below her knees, while the back hem of the dress fanned out gracefully against the carpet.  Over her shoulders, a black velvet sleeveless top could be seen, and high heels decorated in a gold and black plaid like pattern completed the outfit.


Number Eight: Frieda Pinto

Pinto showed up at UCLA’s event: Institute Of The Environment And Sustainability Celebrates Innovators For A Healthy Planet, looking quite sophisticated in a form fitting powder blue dress.  On the shoulders, two black striped could be seen, and on her feet were midnight blue pumps.  In her hand, she clutched an small black purse and a thin choker encircled her neck, completing the outfit.  It’s a beautiful shade of blue, and we think Pinto should wear much more of it.


Number Seven: Joanna Krupka

Krupka was seen at the Premiere of Skinfly Entertainment’s You Can’t Have It.  She is wearing a sultry and sparkly HI-Lo dress.  One half of the dress was cut into a mini style, stopping inches above her knees, and the back of the dress hung down all the way to the plush ruby red carpet.  A plunging v-shaped neckline can be seen traveling all the way down to her waist.  The dress also sports elbow length sleeves, with ruffles decorating the sides, and she is also wearing some serious black high heeled shoes.


Number Six: Sarah Harding

Harding was spotted at the 2017 TRIC Awards in London, looking quite sexy in a solid black tank top mini dress, the hem cut into a triangle like sections  Over the dress, a same-length lacy number was covered in delicate floral patches.  The sleeves of the dress lightly danced along her elbows, made of the same fine material.  Ivory colored high heels adorned her feet, and for jewelry she wore a simple necklace and crystal drop earrings.  It’s a flirty look on Harding, and we’re absolutely in love with it.


Number Five: Erica Dirance

We’re adding Dirance, who attended the 2017 Canadian Screen Awards, to our list of women who look amazing in red, and it’s easy to see why.  The tight, form-fitting floor length gown she is wearing makes her look both confident and graceful, and we think the jewelry she has chosen to pair with it, gold drop earrings with tiny red gems, makes for the perfect accessory.


Number Four: Ferne McCann

Ferne McCann was another celebrity sighted at the 2017 TRIC Awards in London, looking quite alluring.  She is wearing a jet black mini dress  that reaches above her knees, the hem decorated in delicate tassel like fringe.  On the shoulder straps of the dress, which hung down to just below her elbows, also decked out in the same tassels that lined the hem.  A thick choker like ribbon encircled her neck, while spaghetti straps held themselves tightly to her shoulders, and a pair of lace-up black high heels covered her feet.


Number Three: Dove Cameron

Cameron was seen at the 2017 Nickelodeon Kid’s Choice Awards.  She is wearing a light green knee length strapless gown, hints of a very pale blue can be seen within the plant-like pattern.  Below her breasts, the dress sported a small triangle shaped cut out, and on her feet were glittering high heeled open-toed shoes.  For her accessories, she has chosen a feminine black bow which sits high atop her head, and a simple necklace graced her neck.


Number Two: Model Ashley Hass attend the New York screening of Disney’s live action film Beauty and the Beast, looking quite sophisticated.  For the event, she has chosen to wear a graceful snow white gown with an uneven hem length, one part of the hem rose up to reveal a slender knee and around her waist was a thick white belt.  On her feet were beige colored high heeled shoes.  Silver figure-eight earring adorn her ears, and near her waist, a white purse can be seen.


Number One: Emma Watson

Watson was another celebrity that attended the New York Screening of Disney’s live action film Beauty and the Beast.  Cast as the lead heroine Belle, she looks nothing short of a glamorous princess, Disney or not.

She is wearing a midnight black gown in a mermaid style silhouette, the hem of the gown trailing behind her, like a sea of black against a sand of ruby red.  The straps of her gown touched delicately against each other, shaped into an almost x-like shape, a diamond shape cut out sat gracefully below her breasts, sheer material can be seen cascading over the top portion of the gown.  On one side of the gown, a high slit can be seen, showing off one slender leg.  Delicate diamond hoop earring adorned her ears, and her finger and toenails had been painted black, matching the dress.  It’s one of the best looks we’ve seen on Watson, earning her the number one spot.

Do you like the sultry look of Ferne McCann, the flirty outfit of Dove Cameron, or the glamorous get up of Emma Watson?  Let us know in the comments!


by Lia Salem

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