The Top Ten Best Dressed Female Celebrities of the...

The Top Ten Best Dressed Female Celebrities of the Week

It’s time for another top ten best dressed female celebrities of the week!  From award shows, to movie premieres, to out and about on the streets, we picked ten lovely ladies whose outfits managed to catch our eyes, and we’re here to share them with you.

So, without further ado, here are the top ten best dressed female celebrities of the week.

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Number Ten: Phoebe Price

Price was spotted walking her adorable pooch in Beverly Hills.  Although the outfit she’s wearing would be considered tame for her past fashion choices, we really do like the lavender maxi dress she’s wearing.  It is low cut, and the top boasts a knitted floral pattern.  She’s also paired it with a wide brimmed red hat and some killer red pumps (we think those might be her favorite shoes, cause she’s been seen wearing them a lot).  And the lavender ribbon wrapped around her beck perfectly matches the dress.  Price is known for her creative outfits, earning her a spot on our list.

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Number Nine: Kristen Stewart

Everyone’s been talking about Stewart’s new choice of hair length (she very recently shaved all of it off), but we want to talk about her outfit.  For the premiere of Personal Shoppers, she’s chosen the following attire: a spaghetti neck crop top with a low cut v neckline, and high waist black pants that zip up in the front.  On her feet are pointy black shoes.  It’s a bold look for a bold haircut, and we think Stewart looks quite good.

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Number Eight: Emma Watson

Best best known for her on screen work as Hermione in the Harry Potter franchise, and most recently as Belle in the live action version of Beauty and the Beast, Watson was seen at LAX.  She has ditched glamorous gowns for a more comfortable get up (we have the image of her wearing the famous yellow gown worn by Belle stuck in our heads, at the moment) She is wearing a gold and black plaid mini skirt with a white knit-top.  A stylish leather jacket accompanies the ensemble, and flat black ankle boots complete it.  It’s an outfit that says casual yet cute, and Watson rocks the look quite well.

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Number Seven:  Elizabeth Hurley

Hurley attended the premiere of The Time of Our Lives, in London, and we are quite fond of the outfit she’s wearing.  It consists of a solid red mini dress that reaches high above her knees.  Over that, is a red knee length dress that looks to be made of a netted material.  The dress is low cut, and sports ruffled shoulders.  Encircling her neck is a red ribbon, posing as a fashionable choker.  On her feet are a pair of strappy gold high heels, and she is even carrying a box shaped white and gold clutch.  Hurley has officially made it onto our list of Women Who Look Amazing in Red.

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Number Six: Kendall Jenner

Jenner was sighted out and about in Paris, France.  She is wearing a very short red sweater mini dress, which boasts elegantly long sleeves.  The dress also has a corset like belt encircling her waist, looking to be made of leather. Hanging from tiny silver holes are delicate red ribbons.  But it isn’t exactly the red sweater dress that’s catching our eye.  No, it’s the thigh-high-high-heeled boots she’s wearing that really made our jaws drop.  The boots are brown in color, and they also have black snake like patterns roaming up and down the smooth and shiny material.  Jenner has been known to be quite fashion forward, and she certainly makes a statement with those shoes!

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Number Five: Kylie Minogue

Minogue launched her eye-wear collection for SpecSavers at the Establishment Ballroom, looking quite elegant.  She is wearing a floor length pearl white spaghetti strapped gown, which looked to be made of silk, judging by the smooth and soft texture.  On her feet are a pair of open-toed high heeled shoes, and she has also opted for a simple necklace and bracelet to complete the outfit.  There are no flashy colors, no large baubles of jewelry, but even in the fashion world, a little can certainly go a long The Dark Tower movie

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Number Four:  Amy Pham

Pham attended the premiere of Kong: Skull Island in Hollywood.  She is wearing a light mocha colored dress, the hem dancing gracefully against the plush blue-green carpet.  The dress is also long sleeved, and sports a plunging neckline, that can only be described as sexy, yet tasteful.  Encircling her waist is a thin black belt, and on her feet are a pair of black open-toed high heeled pumps.  It’s a sultry, yet classy look, and we absolutely love it.

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Number Three: Christina Milan

Milan also attended the premiere of Kong: Skull Island in Hollywood, looking very glamorous, indeed.  She is wearing a golden-green floor length spaghetti strap form fitting gown, with a diamond shaped bikini like top, and a diamond shaped cut-out that sits just below her breasts.  On her feet, a pair of gold sandals can be seen, perfectly matching the giant gold hoop earrings and two thin gold bracelets; her jewelry of choice to complete the outfit.

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Number Two: Kelsea Ballerini

Ballerini was sighted the iHeartRadio Music Awards, wearing a sapphire blue pantsuit, with a plunging neckline.  The pantsuit looked to be made entirely of sequins, causing the entire outfit to glitter under the bright spotlights, like stars twinkling in the night sky.  We’ve also noticed that it’s a sort of ombre style of color; the top portion the gorgeous sapphire blue we mentioned earlier, delicately tapering down to a much darker midnight blue on the legs.  Encircling her waist is a thick pitch black velvet belt, a strip of the dark blue pantsuit juts diagonally down the middle.  In her hands, she’s clutching a reddish-brown purse.  It’s a look that simply boasts the terms sexy yet sophisticated.

And now, the outfit you’ve all be waiting for:

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Number One: Jean Shafiroff

Shafiroff was one of many celebrities who attended the School of American Ballet’s 2017 Winter Ball, and we are positive her gown got the most attention.  It is in the gorgeous color of turquoise, flowing gracefully against the smooth, tan colored marble flooring, reminding us of crystal clear blue waves lapping delicately against sands at a quiet beach.  The gown also looked to be made of smooth satin, boasting an elegant ruffled front.  A large side-ways bow had been carefully sewn into the front of the strapless corset like top, a ribbon of black velvet hugging the center, and tiny black beads dotted the top half of the bow.  Her hair has been done up in a classy bun, with bangs sweeping the side of her head, only adding to the elegance, and a pair of black chandelier-style earrings complete the outfit.  It’s the most glamorous gown we’ve seen this week, and more than deserves the number one spot.

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What was your favorite look from this list?  Let us know in the comments!

By Lia Salem

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