The Countdown to La Sagrada Família

The Countdown to La Sagrada Família

As soon as late December rolls around, countdowns inevitably become a salient theme in our lives. We countdown to celebrate the passed year, to welcome the new year, and to welcome a new beginning.

How about a countdown to a countdown? 2018 signifies 8 more years until the completion of the architectural masterpiece that is La Sagrada Família (Spanish for Sacred or Holy Family) in Barcelona, Spain. Construction of this Roman Catholic Church began back in 1882! Antoni Gaudí was the mastermind behind the 135 year old project (died 1926). He will be honored by the completion of La Sagrada Família precisely 100 years after his death.

Gaudí is to Barcelona what The Beatles are to Liverpool. Perhaps Gaudí was even more influential in his respective city because he might as well have snapped his fingers and erected Barcelona in his vision. Indeed, his colorful, free, and gothic style of designing buildings can be admired throughout the city.

The words colorful and gothic are not normally used in the same sentence. Colorful implies brightness and energy whereas gothic suggests dark tones. However, this surprisingly delightful combination speaks volumes to the genius and vision of Gaudí.

Staring up at La Sagrada Família makes you feel as though you’re in the presence of giants. Visiting makes you feel insignificant while you also experience a rush of wonder and amazement. You might glance sideways at a nearby tourist and have a shared human experience without exchanging words.

Photo Credits: Marco Rubino, Albert Nowicki, Luciano Mortula – LGM, and Bahdanovich Alena respectively /

By: Kishan Patel


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