Parade of Fashion: Top Ten Best Female Celebrities...

Parade of Fashion: Top Ten Best Female Celebrities at the 2017 Oscars

The night of the 2017 Academy Awards have come and gone, but fashion never sleeps.  There was more than just acting talent that graced the red carpet that night; dozens of celebrities came out wearing some of the most exquisite and glamorous gowns we’ve ever seen.

Which is why we’re doing a top ten best dressed female celebrities at the Oscars list.  Each of these women, whether nominated or just attended for the experience, did not fail to absolutely rock the fashions they were wearing.

So, without further ado, here are the top ten best dressed female celebrities at the 2017 Academy Awards.


Number Ten: Emma Stone

Stone arrived at the event wearing a light gold vintage style gown, complete with fringe.  The gown also had spaghetti straps that looked to be lined with lace, boasting a plunging neckline, which had been decorated with tiny crystals.  Delicately sewn into the front of dress was a series of intricate feather like patterns.  The color of the gown compliments Stone’s hair color, and we think gold is certainly one of her best colors.


Number Nine: Nicole Kidman

Kidman was seen dressed in a floor length halter top style gown.  The gown was a light peach-pink in color, and bragged several large circular floral patterns, embellished with delicate white threads and small orange beads, and can be seen at the top, middle and bottom of the form fitting outfit.  Once again, and as always, Kidman looks like she belongs on the red carpet.


Number Eight: Viola Davis

Davis shined in a lovely off-shoulder mermaid style gown at the big night. The hem of the dress grazed against the red carpet.  Attached to the lowest portion of the gown was a small train that flowed out gracefully.  In her hand, she held a small silver clutch that had been covered in a soft quilt-like pattern.  Red is a fine color for Davis, and considering she played the sassy yet not-to-be-fooled with Amanda Waller (seriously, you do not want to get on her bad side) in Suicide Squad, the color red certainly fits her talent to play take-no-prisoners characters very well.

We’re also adding her to our Celebrities Who Look Amazing in Red List.
Number Seven: Octavia Spencer

Spencer did not fail to impress in a breath-taking ball icy-silver gown style number.  The top part of the gown sported thick off the shoulder straps, which criss-crossed over a layer of soft silver silk.  Trailing down from a thick silver ribbon that encircled her waist, was a large flowing skirt made of a soft sheer and tulle material, carefully decorated with a graceful waterfall of feathers.  It’s a graceful look for Spencer, and the gown compliments her figure quite nicely.


Number Six: Brie Larson

Larson was seen in an elegant form fitting ruffled black strapless gown of soft velvet, wearing barely any accessories, save for a simple pair of earrings and a single ring.  One large ruffle of the gown crawled up towards her waist; a line of solid silk could be seen coating the trim.  It’s sexy, it’s sophisticated and classy, and we can’t see Larson choosing a better gown than this.


Number Five: Taraji P. Henson

Henson came on to the scene in a sexy, yet glamorous midnight blue velvet gown, and did she wow the crowds.  The gown was in a mermaid style, and sported off the shoulder straps which hugged the bottoms of her shoulders.  A train of sapphire blue fanned against the red carpet, and the gown also boasted a thigh high slit.  We’re going to go make a Celebrities Who Look Amazing in Blue, and add her to our list.


Number Four: Chrissy Teigen

Teigen was seen on the red carpet wearing a stylish floor length white gown.  The top portion of the gown sported a solid white long sleeve, while the other sleeve was completely see through.  Fine silver threads decorated the sleeve, and a cape like fringe surrounded it.  The dress also displayed sheer cloth adorned with gold and silver lines.  A gold and silver belt encircled her waist, leading down to a tight white skirt with a high slit.  In short: she looked amazing.


Number Three: Halle Berry

Although not nominated this year, Berry was seen on the red carpet, looking glamorous as ever.  She was wearing a tight, floor length one shoulder gown made up of beige-pink cloth.  Wrapped around the neckline and torso part of the gown was a sheer, sparkly black ribbon that twisted and tied at the bottom.  The hem of the gown even appeared to be lined with delicate gold threads.  It’s a classy look for Berry, and we absolutely love it.


Number Two: Selma Hayek

Hayek was another celebrity seen on the red carpet at the 2017 Academy Awards decked out in a gown of silky black.  The floor length gown boasted a sheer skirt that sparkled under the lighting, and a low cut spaghetti-strapped bodice.  Underneath the bodice, was a seen through triangular shaped piece that sported an intricate design.

We have yet to find a gown that doesn’t look good on Hayek, but we won’t even try.  Why?  Because such a task is impossible.  Selma, what is your secret?  If you want to tell us, please stop by Haute d’Vie.  It’s located in New York City.


Number One: Auli’i Cravalho

This gown was so unique, so unusual, so alluring, we just had to put it on the number one spot.  We’d even venture to say it reminds us of a wedding gown that a bride who likes to walk on the non-traditional side would wear.

It was an other-wordly flowing white gown that gracefully swept against the red carpet.  The gown also featured silver threads sewn in to create fan like patterns  against the strapless bodice of the gown.  Sections of the gown had been delicately placed, creating even more fan like patterns, and the hem of the gown had been splayed out like a river of white and silver.  Looking like something a goddess would wear, we simply are head-over-heels- in love with it.


What gown suited your fancy at the 2017 Academy Awards?  Prepare your speeches in the comments.

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