New England: Haute’st Spring Foliage

New England: Haute’st Spring Foliage

Being from the eccentric area myself, I along with my fellow New Englanders take pride in the enchanting foliage provided by our four variety-filled seasons. Being from the Greater Boston area in Massachusettes, I have been very lucky to have the ability to travel easily among the six states within just a few hours. With each season comes new activities, and each state has something to offer. Summers are filled with trips anywhere towards the water–staying at a lake house in NH, spending your days’ tubing and nights booze cruising or visiting the various beaches, taking in the salty air and admiring the beautiful homes built over hundreds of years. Winters are the snowy mountains, with all their and weekend trips up to ski resorts, heigh altitudes and popping ears. There are two seasons in particular that have just a little more value, something you only need your eyes to experience no matter where in New England you locate. Spring and Fall are the seasons of change, but in the changes between life and death comes nature’s time to shine, and boy does it shine.

Fall may be beautiful with its colorful foliage, but spring is right around the corner and you cannot find a more breathtaking scene than the reawakening of New England from the dark and dull winter. Here are some of the haute’st things you won’t want to miss this Spring in New England:



            New Hampshire:


                         Rhode Island:




By Kelsey Porter

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