The Modern Gentleman: A Guide To The Hottest Men&#...

The Modern Gentleman: A Guide To The Hottest Men’s Fashion Of 2017


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Ladies, I present to you some of the worlds most attractive men on the face of this earth, while Fellas, feast your eyes upon some of the hottest styles of 2017.

Bring in the new year with style and flair. These Paperboy, rugged looks will have you making fashion statements at the drop of a dime. Some of the most talented and well groomed men have graced the billboards with their hot on physique and fashion sense.

Trust me on this fellas, you’ll swoon the ladies everywhere you go with some of these hot looks. Here are my top picks of 2017.

1.) The Flyy Guy

Odell Beckham Jr.

Not only is he known on the fields as one of the greatest wide receivers for the New York Giants, Odell’s unique sense of fashion stands out amongst others. From his headfull of honey blonde spiral curls, to his rhythmic dance moves, to his star striking grin, he is one of the most sexiest,inspirational men in today’s society.

2.) The Ladies Man

Idris Elba
When it comes to wooing the ladies, Idris the right man for the job. This English actor/musician, has had the ladies under his spell since he hit the big screens.

3.) The Pretty Eyed Maven

Jesse Williams
watch full The Nice Guys movie

He’s no rookie when it comes to giving big speeches, this blue eye babe, mainly known for his role on The hit show, “Grey’s Anatomy” as the one and only “Jackson” is a star striking cool edge gentleman who plays it cool while giving us sexy, but sophisticated style.

4.) The High School Heartthrob

Zac Efron

He may have only been a teen when he hit the big screens in the teen movie “High School Musical as Troy, but this good boy has gone bad. From his edgy, yet simple style, to his amazing vocals, “Fashion statement “GQ” is in the near future for this babe.

5.) The Doe Eyed Charmer

Jonathan Rhys Meyers

Sexy isn’t the word when it comes Mr Meyers. This pretty boy can Tudor me anytime.  He is an Irish actor/model,and is known for his dynamic role as the Notorious King of England, King Henry Tudor VIII. With his captivating, mysterious gaze, he is one of the gentleman that the world must continue to get to know. He is the typical charmer.

6.) The Sexy Sultry Singer

Trey Songz

This fine specimen knows how to sing the ladies right out of their shoes. Trey’s edgy style brings flavor yo the school of Preps. His striking smile is to die for.

7.) The Steam Machine

Eric Dane

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