Lab Series: Men’s Skincare Made From Meteorites

Lab Series: Men’s Skincare Made From Meteorites

As skincare companies continue to exhaust every last possible material on Earth—charcoal, aloe, coconut and even snail mucin—pioneering brand Lab Series looked to the stars for its latest batch of men’s skincare. Their all-new Maxellence collection harnesses the anti-aging properties of a galactic meteorite, something you definitely never learned in science class.

To give you that coveted celestial glow, Lab Series tapped an achondrite asteroid, which has a potent blend of magnesium and calcium that promotes the skin’s natural production of collagen—the stuff that keeps you looking 18 forever. Another innovation is a brightening and energizing yeast extract concocted in a bioreactor, a micro-gravity fermentation chamber originally built for use in space.

There are two new products: a shimmering black Singular Cream and the Dual Concentrate, which boasts both a soothing white formula and a separate meteorite-infused black formula that blend together upon pump. Both are testament to the premium that Lab Series, the Estée Lauder men’s subsidiary, places on scientific innovation and gravity-defying results.

If anything, they have at last given some earthly reason for how spokesman Pietro Boselli, the unofficial “world’s hottest math teacher” turned model, stays so frustratingly handsome.

“My studies in engineering have shown me the importance of precise and innovative research to understand how things operate and work,” Pietro said in a statement. “With out of this world ingredients and the amount of technology that went into developing this product, Maxellence has definitely raised the bar for advances skincare.”

Available now, the Dual Concentrate sells for $225 and the Singular Cream for $160.

By Cynthia Lowell

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