John “Paul Mitchell” DeJoria’s Quest t...

John “Paul Mitchell” DeJoria’s Quest to Unlock the Benefits of Plants for lip balms

A fast-moving virus is stopped in its tracks by a dedicated team of U.S. government researchers who discover a mysterious substance that seems to halt its replication.
The fact that the “mysterious substance” is sarracenia, an extract from an ancient carnivorous plant—used for centuries by Native Americans for medicinal purposes—sounds like a scene from an Indiana Jones movie.  And music to John Paul DeJoria’s ears.

john-paul-dejoria-patron-tequila-founderBest known as the founder of blockbuster brands Paul Mitchell Professional Hair Care and Patron Tequila, DeJoria’s love affair with botanical-based products was already in full swing when a friend gave him some pre-production samples of a new cold sore gel formulated with the sarracenia extract. Soon after, Aubio Life Sciences was born.

“I gave it to people with cold sores and fever blisters around my office, and it worked on everyone. I said ‘Wow—we have something here.’ It was so effective. I did some research and found that 2/3 of the world’s population suffered from cold sores—and here I had this natural, sustainable and wonderfully effective product sitting on my desk.  The decision to get involved and bring the healing power of sarracenia to market through Aubio Life Sciences was easy.”

Apart from the sheer size of the potential market—3.7 billion people—DeJoria was also struck by how disruptive cold sores and fever blisters are to sufferers.

“Cold sores themselves are fairly harmless—it’s more about how people feel about themselves,” he noted. “I’ve been in the health and beauty business for close to fifty years, and I know that being beautiful starts with feeling beautiful.  Cold sores get in the way of that.  So if we can offer a natural product that works quickly—and gets people back to feeling their best more quickly—that’s a good thing.”

aubioAubio Life Sciences currently offers two products—a lip balm and a gel—for the treatment of cold sores.  But Mr. DeJoria has set his sights much higher, spending millions on research and development, as well as assembling a world-class team of researchers with expertise in botany, horticulture, chemistry and dermatology dedicated to developing a broad range of sarracenia-based products.

The extract itself comes from carnivorous plants that have evolved over millions of years to become resistant to everything from UV light to infection and viruses. The fact that these plants consume insects—and thrive—indicates that there’s something special about them, since insects are world’s most abundant carriers of disease. This plant was studied by Charles Darwin as he felt that it locked the secrets of medical science.

Along with Sarracenia, Aubio Life Sciences researchers are unlocking the secrets of other botanicals, combining them to create a range of Ultra-Effective Super Botanicals that form the platform for the company’s product line.

In addition to being based on sustainable ingredients, each proprietary formula will be manufactured in the United States in FDA approved facilities, and conform to cGMP manufacturing standards.

Aubio Cold Sore Treatment Gel and Hydrating Lip Therapy are currently available in retailers nationwide, including Target, CVS and Rite Aid.

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By Cynthia Lowell

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