Hugo Boss: This Week

Hugo Boss does a magnificent job of stirring mental images of wallets, cologne bottles, and suits upon hearing or seeing the name In fact, the fashion house’s new arrivals in particular are a testament to the multifaceted nature of the brand.

Studded Leather Wallet

Thin wallets are easier to conceal and give pickpockets little chance of success. Generally, thin wallets are also the most popular style at the moment. The slender Hugo Boss studded leather wallet meets these standards. It’s available exclusively in black, and perhaps rightly so with the silver studs having the potential to clash with other colors. Conveniently, the wallet has six slots and two pockets for bills.

Palmallato Leather Bag

Similar to the studded wallet, the leather bag isn’t unwieldy. I would imagine this item to be useful in casual business meetings while dressed in a polo at the very least and a suit at the most.

There are some delightful components to this bag not limited to a detachable shoulder strap and a small padlock.

Striped Stretch Cotton Polo Shirt, Slim Fit

Polos have the incredible potential to be painfully boring, and that’s why this piece is so refreshingly eye-catching. The stripe adds a healthy trace of ornamentation that can also be used as a reference for a matching belt. The color options of mostly white or mostly dark blue categorize it as casual.

Stretch Cotton-Linen Blended Scarf

As someone who champions scarves even when they’re not necessary, I’m especially happy to jump on the bandwagon for this one. With the tiniest of white wisps blended in, the result can only be described as charming. Vincent van Gogh himself might have brought this scarf into existence. On a more serious note, simple scarves like this can tie together almost any outfit from dress shirts to jackets.

Cotton Polo Shirt, Slim Fit

Developed with the word “sporty” in mind, this shirt doesn’t disappoint. I’ve seen remarkably similar designs for elite European soccer players. As you might imagine, it’s built for functionality and maneuverability. Available in red, charcoal, and dark blue, there’s room for mixing and matching the polo with different outfits.

Wool Blend Sport Coat

For me, the wool blend sport coat rises above the other products. I’m convinced that it can take students and businessmen to a new level of trendiness. The academic and casual aspects of the coat blend together for a wonderful effect. With the slim fit, you’ll look taller and perhaps feel taller as well.

Leather High-Top Sneakers

The leather high-top sneakers are particularly flashy and striking. I picture these shoes on someone who uses Beats headphones and leans against skyscrapers while scrolling through their Spotify playlist. Although, take note that you might need equally showy pants to pull this look off.

Photos: © HUGO BOSS

By Kishan Patel


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