A Haute new facelift for McDonalds has opened in M...

A Haute new facelift for McDonalds has opened in Manhattan

I don’t remember the last time I have stepped inside a McDonald’s. If asked to, I would probably stop talking to whoever may have suggested the idea! Well, maybe not now – A new French-inspired McDonald’s has landed in Chelsea! Serving freshly baked Parisian sweets like croissants and chocolatines hand in hand with its burgers and French fries, the super-sized chain called in French designer Patrick Norguet to give the Golden Arches a facelift. The new restaurant, labeled McCafé outside, is the first of its kind in the US and features a sleek, minimalist interior with an open counter ordering area, redesigned kitchen and posh, high top red chairs with communal seating.

It basically looks like an upscale Panera Bread, so don’t expect to see Ronald McDonald hanging  anywhere! It’s a completely different kind of McDonald’s experience. The entrance is almost unrecognizable with a subtle yellow “M” at the top of the building’s silver facade. Guests are greeted by a restaurant host, and can order from kiosks built into the wall.

Customers can browse menu items like a new apple pie with a fancy lattice crust, blueberry muffin toppers, raspberry petite pastries and a cinnamon coffee cake to go along with the McCafé espresso. Although it is very sleek, the price is still in accordance with McDonald’s typical prices. All pastries are $1.29 and under, which make the French sweets a bargain compared to other French chains which may typically charge $4 per croissants.

There’s also a Signature Crafted section with savory chicken sandwiches like the maple bacon dijon variety, and customizable burgers.

Of course, it wouldn’t be Mickey Dee’s without a selection of new Big Macs, like the double cheesy, extra beefy, Grand Mac topped with special sauce, lettuce, onions and pickles. McDonald’s entire all-American menu is still available as well.

It’s not the first time a fast food chain has experimented with a more upscale concept. Chick-fil-A opened its first three-level location in Midtown two years ago with “waiters” taking orders on iPads. Starbucks also took a bite out of the fast casual restaurant concept in 2015 when it started slinging meatballs and Malbec with its macchiatos in Brooklyn as part of its “Starbucks Evenings” menu.

The near future expects more McCafé concepts opening in New York City. This location is located in Chelsea on 809 6th full film Kong: Skull Island 2017


-Karen Bahri


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