Gucci Garden has no Garden

Gucci Garden has no Garden

Having been to Florence, I sometimes find myself dreaming of a return to its lovely cafés with an engaging book in hand while sipping a steaming cappuccino. I would highly recommend a trip to this charming city, and especially the Piazza della Signoria.

Photo Credit: © Hotel Renaissance Firenze

With the recent opening of the Gucci Garden, there’s plenty to satisfy your eyes. The fashion giant Gucci created this stunning complex in an attempt to continue leading the industry forward. The Gucci Garden offers a restaurant, store, and gallery, all of which promote the brand.

The store in particular has an alluring quality because the products are exclusive to the location. That’s right, this is the only place in the entire world where you can purchase bags, music boxes, post cards, headwear, plates, and other trinkets related to Gucci Garden.

Faithful to the brand’s roots, the ‘Cosmorama’ room of the gallery gives an in-depth look at how leather was the soul of the company in its early stages. Founder Guccio Gucci worked in a hotel in his youth and admired the leather bags the guests brought.

The ‘Guccification’ room conveys the development of the brand. Maria Luisa Frisa, the curator, believes the exhibit speaks to the endurance of Gucci.

Gucci’s Creative Director Alessandro Michele makes a compelling argument for the layout of the gallery. He believes that fashion must adapt to the present and that people now more than ever prefer to buy products with meaning behind them. Ingeniously, he landed upon experiential fashion so that customers can visit the gallery, remember a lovely day in Florence, and feel more attached to the brand.

Photos Since Previous Credit: © Gucci

Green. Perhaps this isn’t the color that most associate with a high-end restaurant, but Chef Massimo Bottura supports the style. He’s of the opinion that just like fashion, the way that we eat must adapt to the modern era. Of course, he’s not only referring to the design of the restaurant, but the food as well. Bottura has hammered down the door of traditionalist Italian dining because he strives to incorporate the different methods of cooking he learned on his world travels. Although, I’m sure he remains faithful to classic, creamy Italian tortellini pasta.

Feature Photo Credit: © Gucci

By Kishan Patel


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