“Gentleman’s Radiance” – Osaka’s premiere chocolate shoe line

An extremely talented chocolatier from Osaka, Japan is using his talent and creativity to create an exclusive collection of men’s shoes made entirely out of delicious chocolate. Motohiro Okai from Rihga Royal Hotel’s chocolate boutique, L’éclat, has crafted nine pairs of men’s shoes entirely from chocolate.



The line, “Gentleman’s Radiance” is incredibly realistic, and the detail on each shoe is magnificent. As the cherry on top, these “shoes” come complete with a chocolate shoehorn and shoe cream. Because, come on! No luxury pair of shoes would be complete without a set of shoe care accessories.



From soles to stitching to shoelaces, yes, again all chocolate, the edible footwear is complete with the shine and finish that comes with a pair Of real shoes, hopefully one doesn’t get the two confused! That may not go down well!


As far as pricing, you guessed it, they cost as much, or even more, than real shoes The price tag fairly sits at 29,160 yen/US$258.45 which reflects the many hours of work that has gone into each pair. They measure 26 centimeters/10.2 inches in length, and come in three different shades of brown, from light to dark brown which vary in richness.



They will be ready just in time for Valentine’s day and make a perfect romantic gift for a stylish man who has a sweet tooth. If you think this would be the perfect gift for your sweetheart, be sure to grab them quick, bevause as I stated and must emphasize again, L’eclat only plans to create nine pairs of the chocolate kicks.


-Karen Bahri










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