Funari with a Dynamic Collection at Couture Fashio...

Funari with a Dynamic Collection at Couture Fashion Week New York

Funari – it just sounds like a name that belongs in fashion. Specifically, Janelle Funari has carved out a niche in the industry by producing designs for the modern, active woman. She draws inspiration from the energy and excitement of New York City. Fittingly, with such empowering products, the fast-paced song “Titanium” by David Guetta was played.

In a few of the designs, black bands inspire power, which Funari wishes to conjure up. Notice how sleek the designs become with their inclusion.

In addition to the black bands, some designs carry a particularly soft material as well. The couture attributes of the collection reach new heights with this material.

In a collection that seeks to promote fashion alongside an active lifestyle, the ability of the wearer to comfortably bring along a dog seems logical. I noticed how the tighter areas of the designs near the forearms and legs, for instance, allow for mobility. Higher up the arms and also more centrally, the use of color and volume dominate to blend fashion with function.

One of my favorite designs boasts a balance between the imposing aspects near the upper arm and the graceful aspects near the forearm. If I had to choose a few more words to describe the design near the forearm, I would choose “special,” “intricate,” and “otherworldly.”

Photos courtesy of Miguel Montana

By Kishan Patel


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