Fifth Avenue Secrets

In case you didn’t know, there’s a secret museum inside the store on Fifth Avenue in NYC, and its latest exhibit features the OTT looks from last year’s Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in Paris. How’s that for a haute secret!

They are part of a special exhibition at the Victoria’s Secret Museum celebrating the history of the lingerie brand’s big event.
Located on the top floor of the store and open to the public, the museum is an opportunity to check out some of the magic of Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.

At the museum, you will see several costumes worn by the models in the past couple Fashion Shows. Each costume has the photo of the model that wore it, plus information and even some interactive videos. Going up the stairs, you will also see a pictures gallery, with photos, illustrations and videos of the last editions of the event. There is a space that shows how is the creation process, in addition to a panel with the name of all the models that participated in the Fashion shows until today.

There is also a panel that displays the illustrations of the costumes with samples of materials that were used. The museum provides everything to make the visitors feel a taste of what this super event is. And if you want to bring a souvenir home, there’s room for you to take a picture with wings and feel like an angel for a day (the photo is instantly printed, for free!).

The exhibit also includes a retrospective of the fashion show’s history (it was first held at the Plaza Hotel in 1996, making NYC the perfect location for the exhibit).

You can shop at the lingerie store directly after admiring the extravagant designs.

Now that the secret’s out, head over and use it as an excuse for some retail therapy!

-Karen Bahri


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