Fashion Domination: The Top Ten Best Dressed Femal...

Fashion Domination: The Top Ten Best Dressed Female Celebrities of the Week

In the words of the late Marilyn Monroe, “give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world.”

In our own beliefs, give a girl the right outfit, along with the right pair of shoes, and she can conquer worlds beyond the one we are so familiar with.

And in this week’s top ten best dressed women of the week, we’re going to show you a group of women who are surely on their way to conquering those worlds, with the outfits they wear.

Why don’t we dive into their fashionable plans of world domination, here are the top ten best dressed women of the week.


Number Ten: Amy Adams

Seen at the 69th Annual Directors Guild of America Awards, Adams looks in this strapless, ankle length gown with pale floral yellow accents.  Straight creases travel up and down the gown in a quilt like pattern, and she is also wearing bright gold high heeled shoes.  In fact, gold seems to be the color of choice for this outfit, as some gold earrings, a bracelet and a few rings had been used to complete the ensemble.

We have to say, gold is a flattering color for Adams


Number Nine: Nicole Kidman

streaming Cars 3 movie

Another celebrity spotted at the 69th Annual Directors Guild of America Awards, Kidman dazzled in this thick strapped Great Gatsby-esque dress.

The dress, which was silver in color reached just a few inches above her ankles, hugging her slender frame quite elegantly.  Small beads had been sewn in into delicate and intricate feather like designs.  The neckline had also been decorated with beading, and even more beads could be seen forming a row around her waist, giving the appearance of a belt.  Kidman also wore matching silver heels, and clutched a small silver purse in her hand.

We’d tell you Kidman looks good in anything she wears, but you probably already knew that.


Number Eight: Laverne Cox

Cox was another celebrity spotted at the 69th Annual Directors Guild of America Awards, and the Orange is the New Black actress swapped the plain prison jumpsuit for a much more glamorous gown in green.

The gown cascaded down to the floor, and sported a plunging neckline.  On one side of the gown, a shiny black ribbon could be seen, and the same material encircled her waist, and then extended downwards to the beginning of a slip that rose up in the front.

And, can we talk about those magnificent nails?  Here at Haute d’Vie, we have a fondness for the sexy yet classy cat claw look.


Number Seven: Marta Pozzan

Spotted at the 32nd Santa Barbara International Film Festival, Pozzan looked both flirtatious and glamorous in her outfit.

She wore a sheer long sleeved see through top, with denim material on the collar and cuffs of the sleeves.  The same denim material formed a thick cross on the front of the blouse, covering her breasts, but exposing her shoulders and stomach.  She also sported a long black skirt that reached above her ankles, which looked to be made of some sort of feather like material.  It also appears that she wanted to add a bit more color, hence the pinks heels and purse.

In this outfit, we’re sure Pozzan is ready to conquer the world, with no fears to hold her back.


Number Six: Naomie Harris

Harris was also spotted at the 32nd Santa Barbara International Film Festival, dressed in Proenza Schouler, who debuted this look this year.

And it is quite a striking look, with classic shades of white and black.

The outfit consisted of two parts: top that criss-crossed and stopped just below her breastbone, showing off a portion of her stomach.  The top had white petal like prints and black stripes.  The second part was a skirt, which boasted the same black and white pattern, and even had a slit that went over her knee, a bit of red thread lined the fringe of the slit.  Pointy black shoes completed the outfit.

With this get up, we think Harris should join Pozzan in the no-fear army for world domination.


Number Five: Anke Engleke


Sighted at the 67th Berlinale International Film Festival, Engleke looked quite classy in this white floor length gown as she spoke during the opening gala ceremony.

The gown was strapless, save for thick, one shoulder strap that extended down to the waist line of the gown, and covered a small portion of the hip hugging skirt.  The one shoulder top also has two silver snow flake like patterns on both breasts, and she also wore a white beaded bracelet on one of her wrists.

It just goes to show that brides aren’t the only ones who look magnificent in white.


Number Four: Shailene Woodley

We’ve got ourselves another classy Greek goddess look in Woodley, who attended the premiere of HBO’s Big Little Lies. 

The gown she wore was a dark greenish-bronze in color, cascading all the way down to the floor.  Two thick straps gave way to a plunging cleavage, and at the top of the straps, two gold ruffless could be seen resting on her shoulders.  Just below her breast bone, a thick black ribbon formed a diamond shape, and a wide belt encircled her waist.

We absolutely love the Greek goddess look, and think more designers should incorporate the look in their future outfits.


Number Three: Emma Stone

Stone was sighted at the 89th Academy Awards Nominee Luncheon, looking both sleek and sophisticated in this pure black one shoulder flowing pant suit, complete with fashionable high heels.  As she has been nominated for Best Actress, we aren’t surprised that she chose such an elegant look.  After all, when it comes to fashion, Stone owns it, letting herself wear the outfit, rather than the other way around.


Number Two: Emmanuelle Chriqui

Chriqui was seen at the Hollywood Reporter’s 5th Annual Nominees Night wearing a rather sexy hip hugging black gown.

The gown was strapless, and hung all the way down to her ankles, revealing a pair of smooth black high heels.  A knee length slit could be seen riding up the front of the gown, and her hair had been done in a very refined up-do, with bangs sweeping over the side of her face.  What’s more, she also opted for black nail polish on her fingers and toes.

Another celebrity showing the world that you can look graceful in black, and we love the look on her.


Number One: Tori Levett

Ladies and Gentleman, we have found the one who will lead us ladies to taking over the world using fashion alone.

Why?  Simple: Levett was spotted at the 50 Shades Darker Launch Screening wearing an outfit we can only use these words to describe it: totally fierce, absolutely flirty, unbelievably sexy and downright glamorous.

And, if you’re going to take over the world with fashion, you have to look the part, and we believe that Levett totally fits.

It was a two piece ensemble, all black, but we have no problem with that.

Wrapped around her chest was a strapless tube top, complete with intricate beading that in various directions across the top, and tiny beaded threads hung down over her midriff.  Below the top was a tight, hip hugging skirt that plunged down to the floor like a midnight waterfall, revealing the sexiest pair of black heels we’ve ever laid eyes on.  The skirt also boasted the same delicate beading that the top had, and on the side of the skirt, a high slit showed off one slender leg.  It’s an outfit that surely turned a lot of heads, and we had to do a double take.


What is your go-to fashion outfit that you would wear while taking over the world?  Let us know in the comments!


by Lia Salem

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