BMW’s Self-Driving Car Involves Holograms an...

BMW’s Self-Driving Car Involves Holograms and Flat-Screens TVs

At the recent Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, BMW Motors offered its vision of the future—one that involved self-driving vehicles, car interiors with flat-screen TVs and interactive hologram dashboards.

It sounds like a far-flung set piece from Black Mirror, but it’s not. At CES, gearheads were welcomed to sit inside a sleek conceptual model, dubbed the BMW i Inside Future. Inside, guests toyed with the BMW HoloActive Touch technology, which is already up and running inside the BMW 7 and 5 Series but exists on a new playing field here. Next to the steering wheel, a free-floating display appears when prompted, allowing drivers and passengers to control the car through gestures. Finger movements are captured mid-air by high-sensitivity cameras, negating any need to touch an actual physical interface.

The interior of the car does not foresee a future where man has outgrown his dependence on the automobile. Instead, this BMW of the future operates a second living space, with built-in voice assistance, smartphone connectivity and—even cooler—a widescreen display in the backseat for viewing shows and movies and tuning out traffic. There is also a small screen on the dashboard with similar features, which sounds highly illegal but will not present any safety hazards since, remember, the car can drive itself.

BMW anticipates some of the technology displayed in the concept vehicle will debut after 2020. Scroll through the designs for the car below.

By John Cicioni

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