The Best Shoes For That End of Winter but Not Yet ...

The Best Shoes For That End of Winter but Not Yet Spring Weather

As March comes to a close, as they say, April showers bring May flowers. It has always been my favorite realization to see that the inescapable snow is now a transparent rain, meaning the weather is finally warming up! Spring has sprung, time to welcome a temperature higher than 30 degrees and start witnessing the flowers as the begin to bloom…. right? Ladies and gentlemen that is incorrect, at least if you live here in New England. This time of year is probably the most difficult time to plan out an outfit. One day its 65 and sunny, the next you might as well call in January. Wear Uggs and be judged; wear sandals and be judged; not that you should ever care what anyone thinks but cmon, you’re reading an article on HAUTE D’Vie. Therefore, are we really doing our job if we’re letting you leave the house looking any way other than HAUTE? The answer is no, no we are not going to let that happen. With clothing, you can just slap on a jacket if your warm day unexpectedly gets chilly, but shoe wise… it gets a little wacky. Here are the shoe styles this season with its pms ridden climate that will keep you looking your HAUTE’st:



Of course, most of our go-to shoe no matter the weather are the reliable “sneak’s”. Mix it up though! Try something a little out of the Converse/Nike range. Maybe even a pop of color or a cool pattern!streaming film The Lego Batman Movie

adidas Gazelle Sneaker


JSlides Bailey Braided Sneaker (Women)


JSlides Audrina Platform Sneaker (Women)


Taos ‘Star’ Sneaker (Women)


UGG® Victoria Sneaker (Women)


UGG® Islay High Top Sneaker (Women)

JSlides Alura Platform Slide Sandal (Women)


Ash Cult Platform Wedge Sneaker (Women)


Blackstone NL37 Midi Platform Sneaker (Women)


By Kelsey Porter

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