Armani Men’s Fashion Collection New Arrivals

Armani Men’s Fashion Collection New Arrivals

Giorgio Armani has consistently challenged himself to produce timeless fashion pieces. Whether you’re looking to invest in a Giorgio Armani piece, keep up with men’s fashion, or browse for enjoyment, let’s take a look at some of the new arrivals in the Armani Men’s Fashion Collection.

Fully lined and excellent with dress shirts, the bomber jacket showcases class. Academic in style, you wouldn’t be surprised to find someone wearing this at a cocktail party while deep in conversation about Dickensian literature. The bomber jacket is composed of 49% wool, 48% polyester, and 3% elastane.

At the other end of the spectrum, the navy blue down jacket offers function in addition to a modern and clean style. For the gentleman who attends, for example, an English soccer match in a light snowstorm, he’ll stay warm and retain the ability to maneuver comfortably within the tremendous crowds. The down jacket is composed of 96% polyester and 4% elastane.

Speaking of confronting the elements, the cashmere blouson jacket boasts storm-proof and water-repellant fabric. Something out of a film, you could imagine someone walking around Venice, London, or Paris in this intensely European jacket. The composition of this piece is 100% cashmere.

Posh and sleek, the Armani Men’s Fashion Collection doesn’t disappoint. See for the full range of products.

By Kishan Patel


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