Andres Aquino’s Bold Designs at Couture Fash...

Andres Aquino’s Bold Designs at Couture Fashion Week New York

Andres Aquino, reminds me of Hugh Jackman in The Greatest Showman – someone with a charismatic personality and a taste for the theatrical. Indeed, the founder and producer of the entire couture event incorporated hearty saxophones, deafening opera music, male Lebanese singers, and the hammering of piano keys into his show.

Let’s build our way up to the most expansive and theatrical pieces of Mr. Aquino’s Red Carpet Stars Collection. When I look closely at some of the designs, I find an intricate pattern near the top. It also takes a moment to register how there’s a smoother section higher up in contrast to the sharper section lower down. Stepping back, I admire how this piece showcases strong elements of couture.

In other designs, the contrast has more to do with color than shape. I love the combination where there’s almost a searing red desert pattern that’s cooled down by a brilliant blue.

I also found that a variety of colors dominated in certain pieces. If you’re like me, your eyes will dart around the fabric in these cases. If not – maybe I need to polish my glasses.

For me, the car themed designs epitomize the drama which Mr. Aquino so values. Notice how the yellow and blue start as embers at the top and then burst into life in an extraordinary fashion lower down. It feels like I’m watching a scene from a movie with the woman and car seemingly mobile.

Photos courtesy of Miguel Montana

By Kishan Patel


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