The New Wave of Harry Potter Tickets and the Frenz...

The New Wave of Harry Potter Tickets and the Frenzy that Followed

Tickets for the Broadway play Harry Potter and the Cursed Child were met with a similar frenzy to the release of the Harry Potter books. In fact, the first batch of tickets sold out immediately after becoming available. Potential playgoers were greeted with lengthy loading screens and inflated ticket prices.

In an attempt to satisfy the lofty demands, the play’s producers announced that a new cluster of tickets would be up for grabs on February 7th 2018. The tickets are to be released in anticipation of performances between March 16th 2018 and March 9th 2019. This is a simple solution to a simple problem, right? Well – not really. Those interested in purchasing tickets need to register with Ticketmaster ahead of time. Then, those registered are entered into a lottery of sorts with the chance to receive an access code enabling you to buy tickets as low as 40 dollars on February 7th.

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child dives into Harry’s adult life, which includes his complex relationship with his youngest child Albus. Throughout the story, Harry struggles to understand Albus’ unique position as the son of a wizard hero. Alongside the family drama, Albus seeks to use time travel to prevent the death of one of his father’s school friends.

Imaginative and expansive, the published script alone offers a different dimension of the wizarding world. Surely, creators J.K. Rowling, Jack Thorne, and John Tiffany will not disappoint when the story hits the stage.

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By: Kishan Patel


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